Välkommen till Björke Vävstuga

In the beautiful country side where Louis de Geer once upon a time started the core of Swedish industry, the weaving mill is situated like an island in the surrounding landscape. It all started in 1981 with Britta and Ylwa setting up their first manual looms….

Fabric of traditional style in modern colors is what we offer to our customers who come from far and beyond to visit our weavery.

EXHIBITION - You will find many of our products on display – table cloths on the tables and curtains in the windows – which will give you an excellent sense of the material before you make up your mind of what to bring home.

WEAVERY - Our weavery is unique, with design, production and shop in the same place. Do not forget to stop by our mechanical looms to see our products take form, meter by meter.

SHOP - Beautiful, modern table cloths, runners and curtains – unique and price worthy. Here you will find the perfect fabric for your home!

CAFE - Why not enjoy a cup of coffee in a completely stress free environment – in spring and summer surrounded by a garden of enchanting flowers.

Warmly welcome to visit us! Greetings from Britta, Ylwa and staff


Våra öppettider!

Måndag-Fredag - 09:00 - 17:30
Lördag - 09:00 - 13:00
Söndag - Stängt

Vi stänger över Helgerna
22dec -6 jan
Öppnar åter 7 jan 2019
Julklappar kan bytas hela



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N 58 grader, 38,466`
E 15 grader, 46, 660`

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